TL-BR Professional Disc Brake Bleed Kit

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The Professional Bleeding Kit offers everything it takes for an easy bleeding of hydraulic Shimano disc brakes with One-Way-Bleeding system.

Besides the TL-BR001 syringe, the set includes the two bleeding funnels TL-BR002 and TL-BR003, each with oil stopper and stand, as well as 4 different spacers for the most common Shimano calipers.

The funnels can be placed directly on Shimano brake levers (BL) and brake/shift levers (ST) with 5 mm (M5, TL-BR003) or 7 mm (M7, TL-BR002) connection thread. A funnel adapter is not required.


Content of delivery:

  • Tl-BR001 syringe incl. connection hose and mounting clip
  • TL-BR002 bleeding funnel (M7 thread) incl. oil stopper
  • TL-BR003 bleeding funnel (M5 thread) incl. oil stopper
  • 4 bleeding spacers