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Park Tool

Spoke Wrench

Spoke Wrench

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Professional PARK spoke wrenches. Precise, durable, lightweight and easy to use.
Nipples are commonly made of relatively soft materials such as brass or aluminum, both of which can be easily damaged by the wrong sized spoke wrench. There are many different sizes and even shapes of spoke nipples, and having the correct wrench is important.

SW-0 (0.127" or 3.23mm)

  • This size is often found on higher-end bikes. Typical compatible nipple brands include DT Swiss, Sapim, Wheelsmith, Pillar, and many others. Always measure to be sure.

SW-2 (0.136" or 3.45mm)

  • This size is often found on most department store bikes, as well as many other low-to-midrange bikes. Always measure to be sure.

SW-3 (0.156" or 3.96mm)

  • This size can be found on select Shimano wheels, hub-drive e-bikes, & wheels found on "heavy duty" bikes. Always measure to be sure.


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