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Metaspeed Edge Paris Ltd. Edition

Metaspeed Edge Paris Ltd. Edition

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The METASPEEDTM EDGE PARIS racing shoes are designed for cadence-style runners who are looking to start fast and finish faster. 

Runners wearing these shoes will be able to increase their speed by increasing number
of strides and conserve energy with each step.

Thanks to an energetic midsole foam and a propulsive carbon plate, runners wearing these shoes will be able to conserve more energy while maintaining their pace at the later stages of the race.​

 "A long-time runner says the Metaspeed Edge "has finally become a super shoe." Another one chimes in claiming that the shoe is really good because he didn't just run faster; the shoe also "preserved [his] legs" so he could run longer."

MOTION WRAPTM 2.0 upper is designed to improve breathability and comfort
FF TURBOTM PLUS cushioning improves compression and helps provide more energy savings
Curved sole design helps runners conserve more energy in each step
Carbon plate guides your foot throughout your step and propels your foot forward
ASICSGRIPTM outsole rubber improves durability and grip
At least 50% of the shoe’s main upper material is made with recycled content to reduce waste and carbon
The sockliner is produced with the solution dyeing process that reduces water usage by approximately 33%
and carbon emissions by approximately 45% compared to the conventional dyeing technology.

Which one to buy: METASPEED Sky Paris vs METASPEED Edge Paris

Whatever of these two shoes you buy, they will feel and be fast – but none of those rides will be soft or bouncy or anything like that.

This said, pick the Metaspeed Sky Paris if you are a forefoot striker with a powerful footstrike.

If you are a heel striker with a quick cadence who enjoys a forward rolling motion, then you should choose the Metaspeed Edge Paris.


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