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Lún HYPER 23 SE D67 Disc Brake Wheelset

Lún HYPER 23 SE D67 Disc Brake Wheelset

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Rear Hub

Our Lún HYPER 23 SE range is the most affordable entry point to the HYPER 23 line-up, with all the important features of our HYPER 23 wheels such as carbon spokes, F-RAPID Design, tubeless-ready out-of-the-box, and more…

  • 60mm Front / 68mm Rear F-RAPID Rim Profiles
  • 21mm Internal Width
  • Carbon Spokes
  • Steel Bearings
  • Tubeless Ready (Clincher Compatible)
  • Optimized for 25-28mm Tires
  • 1518g (±50g)
  • Disc Brake
  • UD Finish

21mm Internal Rim Width

The optimum rim width for different yaw angles and riding speeds can be debated. However, one thing that was overwhelming clear was that you guys wanted a wider internal rim width for riding with wider tires. The wider 21mm internal width rim gives better aerodynamic performance with a 25mm wide tire compared to our previous model HYPER due to the better transition from tire to rim. 21mm internal rim width is perfect for either 25mm or 28mm tires but can take tires all the way up to 47mm.

F-RAPID Design

The R33 and D33 wheels are designed for all-out climbing performance. However, our 45 and 67 series wheels put aerodynamic efficiency first. They’re the first wheels to feature our F-RAPID Design. The Front and Rear Aero Profiles are Individually Designed to meet their unique demands. The front wheel is optimized for its leading edge performance giving speed and stability in a variety of conditions with a more rounded rim profile. The rear wheel profile is taller and is optimized for lower yaw angles with an emphasis on trailing edge performance.

Every Gram Counts

While most the improvements for Lún HYPER 23 SE are incremental, they add up to measurable gains. In a sport where sprints are won or lost by fractions of an inch, every gram, every millimeter, every small detail makes a difference. It took us countless carbon layup iterations to hit our weight and strength targets but the results were worth it. On average we shaved over 50g from each wheelset compared to the wheelset it replaces.


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