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Gel-Resolution 9 Men's

Gel-Resolution 9 Men's

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The GEL-RESOLUTION™9 tennis shoe creates advanced stability and cushioning for players who like to control the game from the baseline.

"When you slide, you are braking, and if you reduce the time you are braking, you are able to return to the center of the court earlier," Hermanns says. "We have updated our full-length outsole to make sure you brake faster." Asics says the Gel-Resolution 9, as researched at the Asics Institute of Sports Science, improves braking time 4.6% versus the previous version.

The Dynawall makes it all happen. Hermann says too much Dynawall technology could restrict a player ready to return to the center of the court, so the updated version has a new cut-out of the support in the front to make it quicker for a player to move from outside the court back to the middle without losing the stability needed during the side-to-side movements.


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