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Fastskin LZR Pure Intent Men's

Fastskin LZR Pure Intent Men's

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Fast. Powerful. Flexible. Go faster than fast with the Fastskin LZR Pure Intent � our newest elite competition suit, inspired by the world�s fastest sprinters. The unique triple fabric construction is engineered to enhance both compression and flexibility, while shark skin mimicking texture creates micro vortices along the suit�s surface, helping reduce drag and encouraging forward propulsion. Targeted compressive layers and ergonomic seaming along vital muscle groups combine to increase kick drive, while an updated waistband provides a water tight fit that reduces drag normally caused by water flowing through a suit during a race. Less drag, more speed.


  • Built-in Speed, Power + Flexibility: Triple-fabric construction reduces drag and enhances both compression and flexibility
  • Water-Tight Fit: Premium lightweight microfiber waistband keeps water out throughout the race
  • Improved Speed + Efficiency: New shark skin-inspired textured fabric zones at the surface target drag reduction for optimal performance
  • Locked-in + Lifted Feel: Targeted compression at the legs and core help the swimmer lift and ride higher in the water
  • Easier On + Off: Flexible zones make it easier to get into the suit
  • Enhanced Drive + Greater Power Return: Dual-layered fabric technology and ergonomic seam construction boost compression along the most vital muscle groups for the swimmer�s kick; amplified with strategically placed seaming and bonding to connect key muscle groups stemming from the core, these combined features enhance kick drive and improve efficiencyHigher Flexibility: Targeted flex zones down the side of the body allow for more freedom in the kick, better rotation, and more range of motion during flip turns


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