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Profile Design

Aerobar Armrest Pad Wedge Pr. 10°

Aerobar Armrest Pad Wedge Pr. 10°

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Not compatible with Profile Design aerobars or aerobar brackets. These wedges are designed to create a tilting option for aerobar brackets that do not offer the option to tilt.

While all current Profile Design aerobars are equipped with the ability to tilt, the same is not true of other aerobars on the market.

Therefore we’ve made these pad wedge kits to enable riders to angle their armrests by 10º or 15º and utilize Profile Design armrests for an additional comfort gain.

Pairing the armrest wedges with the following Profile Design armrests will increase the adjustment range of most aerobars along with the advantages offered by being able to tilt the armrests: F-19, F-35, F-35TT, F-40TT, Boom (F-40), Ergo, Race, Ergo+, Race+.


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