This is the dream delivered.

This is shifting flawlessly under maximum load, even with the additional wattage of an eMTB. This is the elimination of all variance by building everything around the center of the axle. This is a transcendently tough derailleur that can withstand any lateral impact that gets in its way.

Simplicity now simpler.

By building everything around the center of the wheel axle itself, Eagle Transmission uses no derailleur hanger allowing for a totally new, streamlined way to set up your bike with no further adjustment required.

An unprecedented ride experience.

What used to be a “drivetrain” is now a fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission making setup mind-blowingly easy. It also delivers unprecedented strength, reliability, and durability. For the first time ever, the Eagle Transmission delivers a shift under any circumstance, even with the additional torque loads of E-MTB. The “T-Type” distinction is for components that are only compatible with Eagle Transmission.

Meet the Range

XX SL T-Type

XX T-Type

X0 T-Type