VCore Pro 97 HG

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With this update of the Vcore Pro 97 Yonex has added vibration dampening mesh in the handle of the racquet, leading to a better feel an

d a more arm friendly frame.

Coming in at 11.6 ounces (330 grams) unstrung, the VCORE Pro 97 HG is on the heavier end of the players racquet spectrum. The mass provides lots of impact stability even when faced with powerfully struck balls. The weight also means there is plenty of power on offer to those who can generate the racquet head speed with this weighty stick. The 10 point head light balance (310 mm balance point) ensures the racquet still has a good level of maneuverability. The 97 square inch head size coupled with Yonex's tried and tested Isometric head shape, makes for a larger sweetspot than most racquets in this class.