Duora 10

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Yonex Duora 10 is an even balance badminton racket that fits a lot of different players. Duora 10 is designed with a fore and backhand side which gives you extra power and stability in advance, and more control and speed with your backhand strokes. Brilliant built-in backhand, which is a feature many badminton players love!

The forehand is made with Yonex Box-frame technology, which is what we know from the powerful Voltric series. Combined with the new Nanometric DR, which allows the frame to flex slightly inward, you actually get 3% more contact with the shuttlecock, giving you extra speed and control. 
The Aero frame allows the backhand to become more aerodynamic and, combined with the Ni-Ti Fiber, gives your shots more kickback, giving your backhand shots 9% more power and speed. What's not to like?