DriveX 9X

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The Dynamic-Hex technology and Rebound Shield frame provide DriveX 9X B with excellent elasticity and a comfortable handling experience. The specification setting of DriveX 9X B not only make the swing easier and lighter, but also largely improve the continuity of the shots.

The lightweight slim shaft ( lightens the racket and further enhances swing inertia and power transmission. The racket is designed with the stiffest shaft among all Victor rackets, enabling solid and crisp hits and more of a stable swinging technique.

DriveX 9X B integrates the flexible Free Core synthetic handle and stiff shaft, in order to create more possibilities for racket performance. As a key breakthrough among all the All-Round series, DriveX 9X B not only enables each swing and hit to be stable, comfortable and effective in releasing power and speed, but also achieves accurate controlling to make the attack more smooth and crisp.