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Venom Shoulder Right

Venom Shoulder Right

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Accelerate Your Warm Up


The Venom Shoulder wearable device delivers heat and vibration to warm up, loosen, and relax sore/stiff muscles.

Power and Technology

Digital touchscreen control with nanotechnology heat and vibration heats up to 160°F within 90 seconds, providing the ultimate recovery. The device will automatically power-off after 20 minutes (the optimal session time). Rechargeable detachable lithium-ion battery pack lasts up to 2 hours when charged. AC charger included.

Personalized Heat and Vibration

Features four adjustable vibration pods that operate in three different vibration settings. Adjust heat between three accelerating levels, allowing you to find the relief that suits your needs. Various time sequence massage options.

Top Quality and Comfort

Features a non-restrictive Premium Plush neoprene, providing a custom ergonomic design for a snug yet comfortable fit on the right shoulder. Adjust to your liking, one size fits all.


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