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Intermediate players looking for raw speed and easy targeting should love this update to the VCORE 100L. At under 11 ounce strung, this racquet swings much easier than the standard VCORE 100, but it still delivers the same great feel and spin-friendly precision. With its lighter weight, the VCORE 100L makes it easier for improving players to control the racquet's speed and angle through contact, resulting in greater command over the ball. In addition to widening the upper portion of the racquet's head, this 2021 update features Flex Force technology, which deploys a uniquely flexible graphite called NAMD-2 to increase racquet torque and spin. Yonex has also redesigned the grommet system with String Sync, which utilizes funnel shaped inserts to help the strings snap back powerfully during impact (think spin). Additional technologies include a Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle for added comfort, along with several aerodynamic features that reduce wind drag for easier acceleration.