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The next generation of TT helmets is here. A true revolution in aerodynamic helmets, designed to be faster than the competition.

Technical Details

  • Helmet Technology :Golf ball effect: Texturized surface on the front of the helmet helps achieve better laminar airflow.

  • Helmet Weight:12.4 oz / 350 g

  • Feature Helmet :Retractable ear for a fast and easy transition.

  • Helmet Construction:In-Mold: Industrial process binding the microplastic and polystyrene together to add superior mechanical properties to these materials

  • Number of Vents:4 vents

  • Stabilizing System:Spiderlock Pro TT

  • Straps:Pro-lock adjustment: Easy and fast straps adjustment.

  • Padding:Icefil: keeps your head cool.

  • Certifications:CPSC-ASTM-CEN-AS 2063*

  • Included:P-09 lens included: Color Smoke 7F7