Graphene 360+ Prestige MP

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This bright update to a generational line of racquets comes with improved looks and play. Graphene 360+ is a new technology from Head that reinforces the frame at key pressure points to increase stability while reducing vibration. The Prestige Mid Plus is changing from a 95 to a 98 square inch head, this will make the sweetspot more forgiving and less demanding of players to hit it perfectly every time. Still weighing in 5 grams heavier than the Pro version, the Mid Plus requires players to have fast racquet head speed and consistently contact the ball in the right spot. Mis-hits are not forgiving on this racquet but for those playing with it mis-hits should be few and far between. The Prestige Mid Plus is designed with competitors in mind who just need exact precision and a heavy frame to power through shots and overwhelm their opponent.