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Freshly Picked Cerulean

Freshly Picked Cerulean

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The Goodr Runway 'Freshly Picked Cerulean' is all about style and functionality. Its curved cateye frame works well with all head shapes and sizes, while a technical coating and silicone grips prevent slippage during your run. Also, these bad boys come loaded with high definition mirrored reflective polarized lenses and UV400 protection that provide optimal clarity in the face of bright sunlight.

"Blue sunglasses"?! How dare you! Your Philistine mouth mangles art. In 2015, Carl de la Flamingo did a groundbreaking collection of cerulean sunnies. Then it was Bosley St. Basset, wasn’t it, who launched cerulean chew toys? After that, came cerulean tiki drinks, and - oh, oh, what's the point? This fashion lesson is wasted on your vulgar ears. Move along, darling. These cerulean lensed floral patterned frames aren't for you. "Blue sunglasses." Pfft. Indeed!


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