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The Men's Pro Sleeveless offers a little more coverage and support than traditional tank-styled tops. Delfino has a dimpled mesh construction that provides extreme ventilation and helps to cool the athlete. The zipper on the Men's Pro Top is a 13" comfort zipper which means it is sewn so the teeth pull away from the user to reduce abrasion and chafing. An inner flap underneath protects the skin.

Louis Garneau outfitted the Men's Pro Tri Jersey with mesh panels that bring aerodynamic and hydrodynamic turbulence close to the body to help you cut through the air and glide through the water. Lightweight Delfino fabric protects your skin from the sun, wicks moisture, and breathes to keep you cool on scorching tri courses. Flatlock seams virtually eliminate hotspots where fabric comes together, and two flap-closing side-angle pockets were strategically placed in order to minimize drag.


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