Fliiiight Smart Trainer

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Silent. Portable. Zero Contact. Introducing the4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer. With near silent operation and ease of setup, the Fliiiight Smart Trainer is one unique training experience.

Near Silent Ride

Integrated powerful magnets generate resistance against your wheel without any contact, allowing for a near silent training experience.

Compact and Portable

Designed to fold flat for easy storage or transport and 2+ hours of battery-powered operation means you can train anywhere, anytime.

Zero Contact Technology

Induction technology applies resistance for a realistic road feel with zero contact and no tire wear. No trainer tires, no wheel removal, your bike is always outdoor or race ready.

With class leading 1% accuracy, Fliiiight feeds you consistent, reliable data during your workout. Combined with a 4iiii PRECISION or Podiiiium Powermeter and Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor, Fliiiight completes your perfect training trifecta to optimize your fitness and reach new race goals.